Despite the freezing weather, Seattle is generally great with foreign cultures, and this is best evidenced by its food. Here are the top foods to try in the city!

Vietnamese Hot Soup (Pho)

Washington’s biggest city is home to a big Vietnamese community, and there are many quality Vietnamese restaurants here as a result. Pho is the most popular dish (Vietnamese and in general), and there are even a great deal of restaurants by that name.


This one would seem fairly obvious. The port city has the freshest produce, so make sure you don’t miss out. Ideally, you would get fish and seafood directly from the docks. But you don’t necessarily have to in order to enjoy it – there are a variety of excellent restaurants that will serve it to you fresh. We would recommend crab, oysters, and sushi in particular.

The Seattle Dog

This is a hot dog with cream cheese, and it’s really tasty. When in the City of Rain, watch carefully for a hot dog stand. Don’t miss out on the cream cheese topping!


Washington has fertile valleys and temperate weather, making it the ideal place to grow delicious produce. Don’t miss out on cherries and apples. The apples are gigantic, crunchy, and juicy and comprise almost two-thirds of US apple production.


Fran’s Chocolates, famous all over the world, was founded in 1982 in Seattle. Its eponymous founder Fran Bigelow is something of an icon in the industry. This place is not to miss if you have a sweet tooth.

Hom Bow

This is curry beef or pork wrapped in a toasted, yet soft pastry. It is a Chinese specialty, and a great place to try it is Mee Sum Pastry in Pike Place Market, an internationally famous attraction.

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