Shrimp cocktail scone


Spruce tip mint chocolate chip ice cream


Radish and strawberry salad, baby mustard greens, pine nuts, green almond olive oil curd

Porcini and salsify soup, coffee creme fraiche

  Mango and coconut bubble tea pie, Thai ice tea tapioca pearls 

Key lime and white chocolate cake


Spiced lamb and English pea waffle cone, baby pea shoots, rhubarb cider shiso sauce

 Green tea chicken liver creme brulee, maple syrup, radish greens


 Roasted asparagus, romaine and anchovy mousse, sous vide beet egg


1/2 baked Hama Hama oysters, miso kim chee ranch aioli

 Tom Yum Steamed savory clams, rice wine, coconut milk, fiddle heads, lime leaf, baguette


Morel mushroom Lasagna, nettle pasta, Thai basil ricotta, bechamel, nettle pesto

Nettle and morel mushroom farro risotto 


Cast iron Halibut, corn bread okonomiyaki, honey jalapeno kewpie, salsify, knot wheat, favas


Rapple, rabbit scrapple wraped in bacon, roasted local roots farm rapini, brown butter, parsnip mostarda

 Squid ink marinade Hamachi Kama, duck fat potatoes, ramp cream





no reservations, 21 and over