Dollar Wednesday
Smoked pork rib, xo sauce, pickled rhubarb
Tomato pie bread, shiso
Spruce tip chocolate chip ice cream
Salad of frisée, Shungiku, dill pickles, blueberries, croutons, tom yum avocado dressing 
Cold smoked watermelon and radish soup, chili oil, dry cured olives
 2 sea cow oysters, arctic char roe, chorizo oil
Cream filled raspberry white chocolate cake
Roasted romano beans and garlic scapes, coconut kim chee poi, sous vide egg, elderberry capers
Chocolate bubble tea pie, mango boba
Cast Iron okonomiyaki, pickled octopus, peas, okonomiyaki sauce, Chinese mustard kewpie, bonito flakes
Brioche morel mushroom steam bun, fava beans, black walnuts walnuts, pineapple grass black garlic pesto
Twenty One
 Crispy skin King salmon, smoked salmon apricot and honey baked beans, braised greens
  Zabuton steak tartare and Roasted bone marrow, corn bread, onion ponzu soubise, gooseberry chutney, pickled ramps

Tuesday-Saturday 4-10. No Minors. Reservations for parties 6 or larger available only on Tuesday through Thursday.